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About Esthetic Education Resource, LLC and 

                                         Laura L. Root, CST, CIDESCO Diplomate


     I have been interested in esthetics all of my adult life, and when I had my first opportunity to attend esthetic school, at the suggestion of my husband, Tom, I jumped in...with both feet!  I received by CIDESCO Diplomate in May of 1997, and subsequently purchased my first microdermabrasion machine, making me one of the first two dozen owners of these new machines in the US.  Many of my clients in Oregon were enthusiastic to have this new technology in our small town (I was the only practicing esthetician in Yamhill county) and they were very helpful to me in  developing my techniques and procedures to alleviate their skin concerns.

After practicing esthetics in McMinnville, Oregon for four years, we moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1998.  Just before we moved, I wrote my first column for Les Nouvelles Esthetiques about Galvanic Current.   Then, in April and May, 1999, my two-issue article about microdermabrasion was published in LNE.  This information eventually turned into a book - the first book about microdermabrasion: The Complete Guide to Microdermabrasion ~ Treatment, Technique & Technology!  

truly enjoy sharing the information that I have learned with others, and initiated classes in 2000 to assist those who wanted to learn more about microdermabrasion; these classeshave been held all over the United States, as well as in Canada and Japan.  I am dedicated to Advanced Esthetic Education, and strongly support additional required hours for esthetic schools nationally.  Continuing Education is something that I encourage everyone in the industry to obtain, whether their state requires it for license renewal, or not.  My philosophy:  "If you stop learning, you die!!!"

The second textbook, Techniques & Protocols for the Medical Skin Care Clinic, resulted from working with an ENT in Oregon and an Oral Surgeon, Facial Plastic Surgeon in Arizona, and is revised on a yearly basis to include basic information about new technologies or procedures surgeons are using in their practices to keep those licensed estheticians working in the medical arena up to date.

I co-authored the third book, Ultrasound & Electrotherapy: Treatments, Techniques & Protocols for the Medical Aesthetic Office, with Alan Bunting, who has been in the medical equipment arena for decades, and is reknown as an authority on lasers, ultrasound and electrotherapy for asethetic applications.

The Skin Care Professional's Chemistsry & Ingredient Handbook was born from a desire to learn more about cosmetic performance ingredients, as I had taken many naturopathic nutritional studies and enjoyed experimenting with botanicals to observe any correlation between studies performed on systemically used botanicals and topically applied botanicals.  This book is also revised every year to maintain a currency in the fast-moving world of biotechnology ingredients and new uses for botanicals.  I offer every purchaser of this book complimentary e-mail updates; you only need to send me an e-mail once you purchase the book, to receive the yearly new ingredient information by e-mail/PDF. 

My articles have been published in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, Dermascope, Skin Inc., DaySpa, as well as medical journal publications.  Along with the classes, I have been invited to speak at number of skin care trade conferences on a multitude of subjects, including a wide variety of technologies and performance ingredients.  In April 2008, I had the pleasure of presenting the viewpoint of Antiqua Prima Inc. to the Green Summit in Amsterdam, where international scientists and chemists attended to hear about the different ways in which skin care formulators and ingredient experts viewed aspects of the "greening" of the beauty industry.

I enjoy speaking with interested individuals, whether licensed professionals, medical professionals, or those still in school working on their esthetic licenses, to discuss different ways in which we can promote the professionalism in our industry and keep our standards high.  Please don't hesitate to contact me at:  LLROOT@COX.NET if you ever have a question - I may not know the answer  right  off the bat, but I can sure try to find it for you or respond to an inquiry about a procedure!

I wish everyone who visits this site a renewed interested in our profession.


Laura L. Root, CST, CIDESCO Diplomate
Scottsdale, Arizona

NOW!  All Books are available as e-books!

For School Book Orders and Bulk Discount Orders, Please Call 602-493-5982

UNFORTUNATELY, the economy hit our segment of the industry quite hard  In attempting to adapt, I can no longer take credit cards.

Let me know which book you want, whether in print or via "E-book"; the mailing address for the print book, and I'll process your order immediately!  Warmly, Laura
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